~ Privacy Policy ~

How we use and disclose your personal information

This notice describes how Carol A Finch, 9 CORNFLOWER CLOSE, STANWAY, ESSEX, CO3 0SE will collect, utilise, or otherwise treat the personal information you supply via our website, www.carolfinch.com.

The term “personal data” refers to information about you as an identifiable, living individual. Carol A. Finch will treat your personal information in compliance with relevant data protection and privacy regulations (including, as applicable: the Data Protection Act 2018, the UK GDPR and the EU GDPR).

What personal information do we have about you?

You may visit the majority of our website’s pages without providing us with any personal information. You may, however, opt to give us with personal information on some areas of our website, such as by filling out an inquiry form or phoning our phone number.

The sorts of personal information we may save include:

  • Contact details
  • You may offer information about your occupation, history, finances, and personal and family life to aid us in responding to your inquiry.
  • If you schedule a meeting with us, images acquired by CCTV cameras at our offices will be shown to you.

When you visit our website, our server automatically logs your IP address, along with the date, time, and length of your session.

You are responsible for ensuring that your submission of personal data (including that of third parties such as your spouse or partner) as part of your inquiry permitting us to use that data and provide you with advice conforms with the requirements of the data protection legislation. You are solely responsible for the exactness, quality, and legality of the personal information you send to us.

The objectives and legal justification for processing your personal data

The fundamental legal basis for processing your personal data is your consent to provide you with information regarding your inquiry. By submitting our enquiry form, sending us an email, or calling one of our employees, you consent to our use of your personal information as described in this notice.

In anticipation of entering into a contract with you, we shall handle your personal information in order to determine our capacity to offer legal counsel in line with regulatory and legal standards.

In addition, we may need to handle your personal information to comply with our legal and professional duties to our clients and third parties. This includes, for instance, our professional and contractual obligations to clients, the courts, and regulators.

In addition, processing may be required to further our legitimate interests. We have legitimate interests in adhering to our legal and professional requirements, creating innovative systems, and educating and sharing knowledge with appropriate attorneys.

Special categories of personal information and details of criminal offences are protected.

Certain personally identifiable information is subject to special protections under data protection laws. This information offers specifics about

  • your race or cultural background;
  • your political viewpoints
  • your religious views or other comparable convictions;
  • whether you belong to a labour union;
  • your physical or mental state or health;
  • your sexual activity;
  • the conduct or suspected commission of any offence by you, or
  • any proceedings for any offence committed or suspected to have been committed by you, the disposition of such proceedings, or any court’s punishment in such proceedings.

It may be essential for us to handle some sensitive personal data in order to comply with legal or regulatory duties (such as making reasonable accommodations for clients with disabilities), or if we need to do so in order to obtain confidential legal advice, establish or defend legal claims.

Aside from that, we will only treat your sensitive personal data with your consent. If you voluntarily give us with your sensitive personal data, we will consider it to be your explicit agreement for us to retain such data, which would otherwise only be treated in compliance with this notice. Where we handle such data on the basis of your express consent, you may revoke your consent at any time; this will not impact the legality of any processing based on your consent before you revoked it.

The penalties if you elect not to provide your data

If you choose not to disclose the needed personal information and we are unable to comply with our professional, legal, or regulatory requirements, we may be unable to offer you with the desired advise or enter into an appropriate contract with you.

Who will view or use your data, and with whom may we share it?

Your personal information may be viewed or used by our partners and employees (whether attorneys or support staff) in the course of their duties or by anyone lawfully working with us in the regular course of our company (for example, former staff or partners working with us on a consultancy basis).

We may be required to share your data with relevant third parties, such as other advisors, counter parties, witness accounts, courts and tribunals, in order to comply with our legal and professional obligations, or to conduct searches about you (e.g. credit checks), or if you request us to do so.

Additionally, we may outsource a portion of our support services or hire consultants and others to assist us (eg. secretarial, marketing, courier or IT services). Relevant personal data would be supplied to and processed by the service provider in line with the terms of our contract with them and to the extent necessary for the fulfilment of the contract.

If Carol A Finch is involved in a merger, acquisition, change of control, joint venture, or other arrangement of a similar nature, we may need to communicate or transfer your sensitive information with the appropriate parties and/or their professional advisors.

On rare occasions, we may be required to reveal your personal information in order to receive required private legal advice or to comply with our insurance, legal, or regulatory responsibilities. For instance, we could be required to disclose any or all of the information to our insurers, legal counsel, governmental agencies such as HMRC, or a court or tribunal.

Transfer of your information to other nations

In the process of carrying out the aforementioned activities, we may transfer your data to countries that do not have the same legal safeguards for your data as the United Kingdom.

Where data is transferred beyond the United Kingdom and/or the European Economic Area, we will take measures to ensure that your data is sufficiently protected in line with UK legal obligations and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (as applicable).

Alternately, we may transmit your data if it is required for the fulfilment of our contractual responsibilities to you, if we have other legal requirements to transfer the data, or if it is required for compelling grounds of public interest. If you require further information on the safeguards applicable to a particular transfer, case, or jurisdiction, please contact us.

How long will we retain your data?

We anticipate keeping your inquiry’s information for one year. To fulfil our legal and regulatory requirements, we are obligated to retain limited personal information of persons to whom we have offered legal advice, and the preservation of this information is subject to our retention regulations. Periodically, this policy is reviewed, and the indicated storage durations may change based on the needs of law, regulation, client expectations, best practise, and insurance.

We may be required to suspend any planned destruction or deletion in accordance with our retention policy if legal or regulatory procedures necessitate it or if pending proceedings need the data to be preserved until the conclusion of such proceedings.

Your data ownership rights

You may obtain copies of the personal information we maintain on you. If you wish to request a copy of your personal information, please send a letter to Data Governance Manager, Carol A. Finch, 9 Cornflower Close, Stanway, Essex, CO3 0SE, or send an email to [email protected]

You also have the right to request that any errors in your data be rectified, and in some cases, that we cease processing your data or that it be deleted. Some of these rights are not automatic, and we retain the right to discuss with you the reasons why we might deny your request to use them.

Please contact [email protected] if you have any concerns concerning this privacy notice, the policies of this website, or your transactions with this website.

Please let us know if you feel we have violated any of our duties under the UK’s data protection laws. You have the right to file a complaint with the Office of the Information Commissioner.