~ About Us ~

Carol A Finch offers online divorce and separation services that prioritise the needs of the family and save families thousands of pounds by leveraging a unique blend of human and technological competence.

How Carol the finch operates

Divorce may be difficult and time-consuming, since it involves dividing financial assets and arranging co-parenting arrangements.

Watch this video to see how amicable focuses on developing a good future while easing the transition to a new life apart.

About the founders of Carol A Finch

After Sara went through her difficult and expensive divorce, she decided to start Carol A Finch. It came as a major surprise, both financially and emotionally, how much hiring attorneys would cost. Our approach was amiable because the world required a solution that prioritised families and assisted parents in maintaining positive relationships with one another.

Our mission

Carol A. Finch is a volunteer-run social company that provides free advice and assistance to over 50,000 people annually, assisting in one out of every three divorces in the United Kingdom. With more than 150,000 registered members, Carol A. Finch.com is the world’s biggest online divorce support group.

The website provides several forms of free assistance, including:

  • A very active question and answer forum offering free advice about divorce, mediation, finances, child custody, and residence.
  • A free DIY divorce handbook with all the necessary documents and instructions.
  • Our telephone hotline is accessible seven days a week and offers free, experienced guidance.
  • rooms for instantaneous support